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Available now for qualified persons and companies - invest your USD or USDC into Seshat Bank bonds and CDs financing real world businesses. We help you reduce your overall risk exposure and earn more with our loan and investing portfolio. We use proprietary transaction flow analysis techniques to better estimate a company's forward cash flow and are able to make low risk, high earning financing decisions and return more to our bond- and CD-holders.


The first USDC CDs
and Bonds


Interest Rates

Interest rates on these bonds vary from 3-9% depending on initial purchase volume and maturity date of the contract. In general, larger lenders who purchase long-term bonds will get higher interest rates.


Capital raised from these bonds will largely go to financing existing businesses with strong and stable financial history. In general we favor working capital and other short term, low-risk loans. We may occasionally use them for longer-term, but still low risk loans like residential and commercial mortgages.

Who We Finance

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