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Better Banking for the Developing World

Seshat Bank is a business bank beginning operations in Prospera, Honduras in early 2022. We will offer working capital, ABF, trade finance facilities, and other services to global businesses. All depositors have full API access and control over their account, and we charge no fees for any standard account functions.



Seshat Bank will offer the following to all depositors and customers



Seshat Bank offers current, savings, and term deposit accounts to satisfy every savings need. All of our deposit accounts are fully controllable via API and have access to the full suite of Seshat Bank services.

Send & Receive 

Transact with anyone free of charge! Send money from your account to any other Seshat Bank depositor instantaneously, for free. Easily set up and disburse funds from escrow accounts. Swap Lempira and USD instantaneously in your mobile or web app at the best rates in the world!


For retail borrowers in Prospera, Seshat Bank offers mortgages at affordable rates and good terms. For commercial borrowers Seshat Bank offers a broad variety of loans ranging from ABF to commercial mortgages to overdraft facilities. Our financing can meet whatever your business’ needs are!

About Seshat Bank

About Seshat Bank

Started in 2021, our team is proud to offer high quality financial services to the people and businesses of the ZEDEs and the world at large. Seshat Bank will be a strong public and private sector contributor and views driving broad economic growth as one of its highest priorities

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