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Seshat Bank

Better Banking for the Developing World

Seshat Bank helps you save, spend, and borrow money cost effectively. We charge no fees for standard account services and internal transfer. Using our internal payment data and other information we collect we are willing and able to extend debt to qualifying commercial borrowers.

Via our mobile and SMS applications you can send and receive money to/from anyone in the country for free! We obviate the need for cash for businesses and for your personal spending.

We are remote first and fully digital.


Seshat Bank offers the following to all depositors and customers



All of our accounts are no-fee and risk free! Your deposits will be safely stored with BNR and in same currency government bonds.


Send and Receive Money

Send and receive money to or from anyone in the country for free with our mobile and SMS applications



For qualifying individuals and businesses, Seshat Bank offers low cost debt and easy financing options that suit your needs. Loan sizes and terms depend on your transaction history in SMS wallet or our mobile application.


About Seshat Bank

Started in 2021, our team is proud to offer low and no cost financial services to the people and businesses of Honduras. Seshat Bank is a strong public and private sector contributor and views driving broad economic growth as one of its highest priorities


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